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Persian Clinical Linguistic Database

About PCLD

Persian Clinical Linguistic Database (PCLD) is a summary of some the systematic documented clinical linguistic papers and chapter books and clinical linguistic profiles on Iranian aphasic patients.  The data include some published Persian clinical linguistic tests and batteries as well as clinical linguistic profiles of some Iranian patients assessed Using available Persian Aphasia and Naming Batteries. The database is aimed at providing some resources for young clinical linguistic researchers for reevaluation of the present literature in doing further research on Persian clinical linguistic topics. These sources are the results of collaborations with some colleagues and some of the active Iranian SLP clinicians with the author on some of the clinical linguistic issues on Iranian patients.

The major aim is to provide a portfolio to evaluate some of the documented home made Persian clinical linguistic data.  Part of the available database can also be used for cross-linguistic studies. These Clinical Linguistic resources which are basically on acquired aphasia   consist of the following sections:

  • Published papers on Iranian aphasic patients in English
  • Chapter books on Persian clinical linguistic issues in English
  • Persian Standard Aphasia and Naming Batteries:
  • Bilingual Aphasia Tests (Persian, Azari and Kurdish versions)
  • Clinical Linguistic Profiles of 87 Iranian aphasic patients
  • P-WAB-1 (Bedside Version of Persian WAB)



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