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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The overall goal of USWRS is to establish a responsible and concentrated Institution with the aim of responding to the requirements of the Government, Public and prirelated to community needs. In line with this, the department of social work is committed to its Vision and Mission statements according to the values that underlie all of its activities.


In ten years, the department is viewed to:

  • Become a national and interdisciplinary leader in social work and related fields, both in research and education
  • Become more productively engaged with our local community, with vibrant exchange and collaboration that will advance public policy and improve social services to enhance quality of life
  • Build an international reputation in social work education by cultivating international academic relationships


Mission of department both professionally and academically is assumed as:

  • Cultivating an atmosphere of intellectual discipline and innovative faculty
  • Contributing to the knowledge base of the profession
  • Conducting scholarly inquiry
  • Disseminating knowledge
  • Contributing to public policy and practice



Our values are grounded in human dignity and worth and capacity building

  • We respect each persons individuality and peoples memberships in groups distinguished by class, ethnicity, gender identity, age, ability, spirituality and culture.
  • We are committed to social justice and ongoing work to advocate for the right for all people to have an opportunity to thrive.
  • We remain committed to seek out the goodness and humanity in others
  • We believe that we will make mistakes, but we are committed to not making the same mistakes over.
  • We stay committed to transmit knowledge and skills to others and encourage high standards of professionalism and achievement by our department, students, and graduates.
  • We will promote our work through respectful and responsive collaborative relationships inside and outside of the department.


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