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This department follows these policies in 5 years:

Educational indexes development in education system

National scientific state development

Effort to develop national department ranking and student admission

Increase department proportion in science turnout, research and scientific articles in reliable internal and external journals

 Educational indexes development in input and process of educational system includes: teacher to student, educational environment to student, educational technology devices to student proportion, decrease staff development time for teachers and …

Educational technology development

Obviate social needs by produce general education and applicable research

Community health indexes development and increase types and quality


Increase consent of students, faculty staffs, graduated peoples, staffs and managers

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Family-Centred Early Intervention for deaf/Hard of hearing children
Family-Centred Early Intervention for deaf/Hard of hearing children & 50th Anniversary of Cued Speech fCEI-IRAN
 14:42 - 27/07/2016 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
Book rapid assessment tool and ranking events in the health system + attachments.
Holding sixth national workshop on hospital preparedness
Holding sixth national workshop on hospital preparedness
 20:35 - 13/03/2016 - Comments : ٠more ... >>
The first meetings of health in traffic accidents series on the topic of deterring traffic offenses
Next year, 7th Conference theme: bicycle and motorcycle riders’ safety on 27 - 28 Bahman 1395
Requiring students to include this group, in their scientific production as” Department of Health in Disasters research center at the University of Social Welfare during the study course.
2014 global slogan for Disaster Risk Reduction
Cooperation agreement with municipality of Tehran
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