Ergonomics is the applied science that seeks to improve the design and function of tools and other objects used by people. Ergonomics involves designing workplaces and work tools to be used easily, efficiently and effectively by people. The overall goal of this applied science is to promote health and productivity in the workplace.

Although ergonomics has been considered as an academic discipline for nearly 50 years in some countries, it had been taought only as a module in many fields (including Occupational Health, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, industrial engineering, etc) at B.Sc and M.Sc levels and was not introduced as a formal course in Iran.

In 2007, for the very first time in Iran, academic ergonomics was established at University of Social welfare and rehabilitation sciences. Since then, M.Sc. courses have continuously been implemented by Department of Ergonomics at USWR.  

Today more than 26 students have completed their Master studies in ergonomic areas, and about 30 students are studying in this regard. Graduated students now hold positions with major responsibility for ergonomics programs in academia, government, and private industry.

The Center also offers continuing education courses. They give professional ergonomists, engineers, and designers in private industry a way to keep up with the latest ergonomic thinking and research.


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