currebt students:

1. Hamid sattarzadeh

Email: H_satar63@yahoo.com

Thesis: Investigation of cognitive sign features of 8 proposed prohibition traffic signs for mobile phone use while drivin

2. Leila khodabandelou

Email: Hse.le5887@gmail.com

Thesis: Comparison of mental performance and sleepiness between 12 and 8hrs shift works in an  oil refinery plant

3. Zahra sharifi

Email: Sharifi_12_ohs@yahoo.com

Thesis: Participatory Ergonomics Approach to Redesign Industrial Chairs

4. Hadi madahi

Email: Ise.maddahi@yahoo.com

Thesis: Assessing cognitive features of some designed signs for transmission of the "lane departure" message  to other drivers

5. Hosein mahdavi

Email: Hossien_ghaemshahr@yahoo.com

Thesis: Evaluation of ergonomics problems among bank workers and presenting interventional solutions using participatory ergonomic 

6. Marzieh pashmdarfard

Email: Ghazal.ot.1@gmail.com

Thesis: Reliability and validity of Persian version of Swedish occupational fatigue inventory (SOFI) Questionnaire

7. Manizheh motamedi

Email: Mmotamed95@yahoo.com


8. Mohammadjafar nasiri gorji

Email: Mjn1360@yahoo.com


9. Shahrzad reisi

Email: Re79sh@yahoo.com



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