Master Graduated students:

1. Mostafa Hamzeiyan

Email: m.hamzeiyan-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: The Study of Human Errors in an Industrial Petrochemical Control Rooms Adopting CREAM Method, with a Cognitive Ergonomics Approach

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2. Mohamad Reza Fallah Ghanbari

Email: m.fallah-ghanbari-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Ergonomic Ealuation of  Interior Design of Shoka Vehicle  For Proposing Sujestions For improvement

3. Saeed Roshanzamir

Email: s.roshan-zamir-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: A Macroergonomic Study of correlation between senior managers leadership style and Occurance of Occupational Accidents


4. Mansour Ziaei

Email: m.ziaei-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: The determination of shoe sole tread groove size based on ergonomics principles and increasing human stability factors during walking on dry and slippery surfaces

5. Nosrat Abdollah-poor

Email: n.abdollah-poor-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: An Improving working Condition System (health, safety and ergonomics) Survey and analysis with Macroergonomics Approach in a manufacturing company from Iran Power Plant Industry in 1389


6. Roya Azizi

Email: r.azizi-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Comparing usability of two official automation software’s: ergonomics approach

7. Mohamad Khandan

Email: m.khandan-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Survey of relationship between safety climate and workers’ ergonomic behavior in the workplace

8. Ali Keikha-moghadam

Email: a.keikha-moghaddam-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Ergonomic Evaluation of occupational low back pain using digital human modeling (DHM) and proposing its preventive countermeasures in one of car manufacturing industry

9. Somayeh Mohammadi

Email: s.mohammadi-08@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Pilot Survey of Anthropometric and Aesthetic factors with Participatory Approach in Tehran Primary student’s Backpack Redesign

10. Ali Sahebekhtiari

Email: a.sahebekhtiari@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Mental work load derived from brain waves on the visual cognitive loads by ERP

11. Javad Ghamari

Email: j.ghamari@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Ergonomic Design and Construction of Lumbar Spine Supporting and Evaluation of its Effect on Biomechanical Factors in Sitting Position

12. Hamid Shiri

Email: h.shiri@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Determination of relationship between muscular fatigues induced by seated posture with cognitive function and mental fatigue

13. Ali shafizade

Email: a.shafizade@uswr.ac.ir

Thesis: Effect of functional foot orthosis on ground reaction force in the work foot wear

14.Mohamad ali  Zamani

Email: mohamad.zamani.65@gmail.com

Theis: Effect of Typographic Parameters on Reading Performance

15.Amir Hosain Davudian

Email: amirhosaindavudian@yahoo.com

Thesis: Anthropometric Study of Paraplegic Wheelchair Users in Tehran

16. Parvaneh Rahmani

Email: parah1364@yahoo.com

Thesis: Survey of the effect of safety shoes on ankle joint range of motion

17. Fatemeh Seif

Email: f.seif134@yahoo.com

Thesis: Study effect of Persian and English left- and right justified navigation menue on usability of web

18. Tahereh Yektaee

Email: t.yektaee@yahoo.com

Thesis: The Effect of Ergonomic Education on Musculoskeletal Disorders and Occupational stress among  ‍‍Computer Users.

19. Zahra Arab

Email: arabzahra20@yahoo.com

Theis: The Relationship between Workload and Work ability with Job Stress among Nurses

20. Mahsa Rafiea

Email: jana.alw@gmail.com

Thesis: The influence of different sitting posture on comfort and muscle activity in laptop user


21. Asrin Shafeei

Email: asrinshafeei@yahoo.com

Thesis: Reliability and validity of  Persian version of Örebro Musculoskeletal pain Screening Questionnaire

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