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Department of Counseling

The Department of Counseling was established within the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation sciences (USWR) in 2003. The department is located in USWR in the northern part of Tehran, Iran.

The department is active in teaching theoretical and clinical subjects and also intensely research-active. Therefore, the academics and students are engaged in a variety of research activities.

While many students graduated, numerous students are currently studying in our department.  In this world class department all staff is committed to exemplary professional behavior, collaboration and support.

The department welcomes national and also international students at postgraduate levels.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a branch of knowledge which focuses on promotion of mental health of people in different aspects: education, family, rehabilitation, etc. The counseling insists on positive aspects of human being and to seek what people to possess instead of not having. This nature of counseling is opposite of pathological view of human being.


The department aims to teach students to be professionals in helping troubled families, couples and people with special needs to promote their mental health.

The vision of department is to train students in the highest level of capability for counseling of clients from different parts of community.

The mission of department is to teach students advanced techniques and methods in counseling, guidance and problem solving of people.


Department of counseling emphasizes close contact between staff and students. Our academic staff is experienced counselors and psychologists in family, couple counseling and rehabilitation sciences. Many topics related to above subjects are taught by our department.


Research is the foundation for teaching and clinical practice in counseling department. Our department has an internationally recognized research program in different areas such as: family functioning, divorce, problem solving of families and couples, educational problems of children, psychological problems of patients with special needs (e.g. Cancer, diabetes, HIV, Mental disabilities, physical disabilities), also culture and cognition, cultural aspects of counseling and psychology are other areas of our research.

Services We Offer/ Clinics

We offer two levels of postgraduate: a M.Sc. degree in family counseling and rehabilitation counseling and Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling.  As a student you will also develop skills in learning, problem solving and decision making which are necessary parts of working as a counselor.    

Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty members provide you with the highest quality of work experience in different associated centers. These centers include:

Rofeideh Rehabilitation Hospital

Akhavan Rehabilitation Center

Sina Rehabilitation Center

Our People

A number of academics and administrative staff are the cornerstone in our departmental operations. They provide support for students and the program.


Department of Counseling, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Koodakyar End Close, Student Blvd., Post Code: 1985713834, Evin, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) 21 – 22 18 0061


More Information

More information about our programs, staff and services can be found at the following link: http://clinicalsciences.uswr.ac.ir/