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Department of Preschool Education

The Department of Preschool Education was established within the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation sciences (USWR) in 1992. The department is located in USWR in the northern part of Tehran, Iran.

The department is active in teaching theoretical and clinical subjects and also intensely research-active. Therefore, the academics and students are engaged in a variety of research activities.

While many students, numerous students are currently studying in our department. In this world class department all staff is committed to exemplary professional behavior, collaboration and support.

The department welcomes national and also international students at undergraduate and also postgraduate level.

What is Preschool Education?

A preschool specialist can work as a preschool teacher, experts in developing learning materials, preschool principles; preschool health specialist, preschool media expert, research and also they can be experts in developing learning materials to facilitate children’s learning.



The main aim of our department is to educate and train new experts to work as preschool teaching. Developing skills in preparing learning materials for preschool centers is another responsibility for the department. Our Department is enthusiastic about supporting students who are eager to be successful preschool professionals by providing high quality learning and developing skills.


Department of preschool education emphasizes close contact between staff and students. Our undergraduate program offers 2 different areas of study for preschool kids and also children with special needs. This program would include 8 educational terms.


Research is the foundation for teaching and clinical practice in preschool department.  Our department has a nationally recognized research program in different areas such as ensuring the highest quality of education in our preschool centers, the relationship between preschool education and children educational achievements.

What We Offer

As one of the oldest educational departments in USWR with world class academics and professional staffs, USWR bachelor of preschool education is a four-year full time course which provides a wide range of knowledge and skills to make graduates ready to work in metropolitan and rural areas as preschool professionals.

Our People

A number of academics and administrative staff are the cornerstone in our departmental operations. They provide support for students and the program.


Department of Preschool Education, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Koodakyar End Close, Student Blvd., Post code: 1985713834, Evin, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98) 21 - 22180153  

More Information

More information about our programs, staff and services can be found at the following link: www.preschool.uswr.ac.ir