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Recommendations of the new chancellor of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences to the academics on the occasion of "Book reading" Week


The chancellor of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences Dr. Khanke, on Monday, congratulating on the occasion of "Book Week", encouraged academics to set a specific educational and research line for themselves, and to compile books needed by the community in the form of multidisciplinary teams sharing their experiences and scientific evidence.

Dr. Khankeh emphasized: The university is obliged to identify the needs of the society and produce scientific evidence for them and provide this evidence to policy makers, and policymakers must also trust universities and use evidence in their interventions and decisions.

He added: "The unique university of welfare and rehabilitation sciences is the scientific core in the field of rehabilitation, social health and health services for the elderly and accidents. Also the field of technology at this university is a very advanced field and can design and produce rehabilitation equipment and have technological cooperation with other countries in the world. Hence, all these activities are realized in the shadow of "knowledge", and the axis of knowledge is "book".

He also stressed the "need for change and creativity in educational and research methods, using the capacity of graduate students and the use of medical and rehabilitation centers in the current difficult conditions in line with the mission of the university."

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