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Book rapid assessment tool and ranking events in the health system + attachments.

Holding sixth national workshop on hospital preparedness

University of Social Welfare and rehabilitation was host for  sixth national workshop on hospital preparedness in disaster  which conducted  for  members of hospitals Risk Management Committee and health centers experts from various universities  from May 15 Esfand 94 for three days. In this workshop participants practically became familiar with the concepts of risk, hazard early warning system, conduct operations, incident command system activation and risk assessment tools, medical preparedness and surge capacity. The first day began with a speech of Mr. Doctor Khankeh, in connection with the Work- Group Roadmap on Health in Disaster and the need for hospital preparedness. Then level assessment book incident in the health system was introduced. In addition, discussions were expressed in risk assessment and preparedness hospital plans. Participants were divided into groups of five. The second day continued with expression of Dr Farzinnia, Delshad, Nasiri, Najafi, Ostad-taqizadeh and Mrs. Doctor Ahmadi. The third day of the workshop held on hospital preparedness response program with topics central to conducting operations and exercises on disaster emergency events with the participation of professors, Dr  Miadfar, Dr Sarver Dr Amir Salari.

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