About the center

Iranian Substance Use and Dependency Research Center was established in 1382 with the collaboration of a group of university lecturers and researchers involved in the field of addiction under title of “Training and Research Center of Substance Use and Dependency (Darioush Institute), with the aim of solving the drug problem in a scientific manner. As an academic reference, the center focuses on the organization of educations and studies related to substance use and dependency with the help of its own specialized departments (including education, prevention and rehabilitation). In 1387, it received the agreement in-principle for establishing the research center from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

-Structure of the center

B-1 - president of the center: Mrs. Dr. Ja’fari

B 2 – the center has a research council, whose members are: Mrs. Dr. Ja’fari – Mr. Dr. Rahgozar – Mr. Dr. Fadaei - Mrs. Dr. Mohammad Khani - Mrs. Dr. Ja’fari - Mr. Dr. Farhoudian.

Members of the Center: Mr. Dr. Farhoudian, Mr. Dr. Farhadi, Mr. Dr. Tavakoli, Mrs. Sharifi and Mrs. Ahmadi


- Responsibilities of the Research Council:

- Formulation of regulations and executive guidelines of the research council

- Determining and approving research policy and strategic plan of the center

- Determining and approving the Centres research priorities

- Reviewing and approving research projects in accordance with the research requirements and priorities of the university; following up and approving the proposal review process; and approving and monitoring the accepted projects in order to present the results to the Research Department of the university

- Shoosh Clinic of Substance Abuse Maintenance Treatment is the active department of the center, which is responsible for the following duties:

- Methadone-buprenorphine maintenance treatment

– providing individual and family consulting services

- Group therapy

– providing social working service

- Activities of the center (based on priorities, policies adopted by the Research Council). Performance of the center is expressed in Table C-1, separately for each year


Table C-1 - Performance of the center, separately for each year

1388 - 1382 to 1389

2 73 Number of approved projects

2 16 Number of Projects in progress

2 15 Number of articles published

2 5 Number of articles published in national conferences

- Number of articles published in international conferences

1 3 Number of books written

- 3 Number of books translated

2 1 Workshop on Non-medical Interventions (for psychologists) - Number of workshops held

8 - Workshop on Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)

1 - Workshop on Sexual Disorders in Addicts

- 5th Workshop on Prevention of Addiction (for experts)

2 18 Number of meetings held by the Research Council

- 1 Total number of congresses held


- Other activities of the center, which began in 1382 with the presidency of Mr. Dr. Rafiee and now continues with the presidency of Mrs. Dr. Ja’fari, include:

·         Preparation of matrices of priorities on social behavior

·         Preparation of standard proposal form and research, training, and executive proposals

·         Preparation of matrices of thematic priorities for research and training projects

·         holding joint meetings with the Center of Genetics Research of the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences to launch laboratory and implement joint research projects

·         professional study in the field of laboratory instruments related to addiction across the country, and preparing a list of specialized laboratory equipment for research projects on physiology and pharmacology

·         Cooperation with the Social Welfare organizations Department of Prevention concerning the development of Ten-year Strategic Plan on Addiction

·         Preparation and design of the institute’s website

·         Preparing schedule of process path for projects

·         holding "Congress on the Prevention of Drug Abuse" (in Farvardin or Ordibehesht, 1388)

·         performing the project of "rapid assessment of drug abuse"

·         production and printing of the Summary of Research in the Substance Use and Dependency Research Center

·         Preparation MPH curriculum

·         Preparation PHD curriculum

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