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Hassan Shakeri PhD, PT, 

Faculty Member of University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR) Tehran-IRAN

Personal Information

First Name: Hassan     Last Name: Shakeri

Date of Birth: June 10; 1969               Nationality: Iranian                  Gender: Male 

Marital Status: Married                      Children Number: 3             

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Workplace: Physiotherapy Department, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR), Koudakyar St., Daneshjou Blvd. Evin,


Tel: +98 21 22180039




Educational Background:

2000-2006          PhD in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Faculty, Iran University of Medical  Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

1992-1994          MSc in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Faculty, Iran University of Medical  Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

1987-1991          BSc in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Faculty, Iran University of Medical  Sciences, Tehran, IRAN


2014-present       Associate Professor of Physiotherapy Department, University of Social

                  Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

2006-2014          Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy Department, University of Social

                   Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

1994-2006           Academic Tutor of Physiotherapy Department, University of Social

                   Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, IRAN

Teaching Areas:

 - Kinesiology and Biomechanics

 - Physiotherapy in General Surgical and Medical Conditions

 - Manual Muscle Testing and Function

 - Neurophsiology

 - Exercise Therapy

- Specific English for Physiotherapists


 Research Areas:

    - Effects of Therapeutic Exercises ( Stretching and Strengthening Exercises)

    - Physiotherapy of Musculoskeletal Disorders of Upper limbs (Specially Shoulder      Joint)

    -  Falling in Elderlies

     - Neurorehabilitation


Professional Membership:

2002-Present           Medical Council of Iran

1991-Present           Iranian Physiotherapy Association (IPA)


Executive Positions:

2013-2014           Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs, USWR, Tehran, Iran

2008-2013          Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology, USWR,Tehran, Iran

2007-2008           Dean of Physiotherapy Department, USWR, Tehran, Iran

2008-2015           Member of the “Research Committee”, Physiotherapy Department,USWR, Tehran, Iran

2010-2012        Member of the “Board of Physiotherapy”, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran



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Oral and poster presentations( in Scientific Congresses and Seminars):

(Title of Presentation, Congress Name, Year, Place)

1.      Pilot study for Determining PreHypertension Prevalence in the Tehran High School Students. International Congress of Prehypertension.  Feb.2011, Vienna, Austria

2.      Ethics in Rehabilitation, Annual congress of Medical Ethics. 2010, Tehran, Iran

3.      Mental Practice Effects on Infra & Supraspinatus Muscles Activity. 22nd Congress of Physiotherapy. 2010, Tehran, Iran

4.      Systemic Approach in Physiotherapy of Children with Cerebral palsy. 9th Iranian Congress of Paediatric Neurology. 2009, Bandar Abbas, Iran

5.      New Approaches in Exercise Therapy for Neck Pain. 10th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2009, Tehran, Iran

6.      Effects of Walking by Body Weight Support (BWS) on People with Spinal Cord Injury. 1st Spinal Cord Injury Seminar. 2009, Tehran, Iran

7.      Rehabilitation in Disaster. 4th International Congress of Disaster. 2009, Tehran, Iran

8.      Effects of Muscle Stretching plus Harmonic Oscillation on Hamstring Flexibility. World Congress of ISPRM. 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

9.      Diet and physical Activities among Middle School Girls. 3rd Healthy Child Seminar. 2009, Tehran, Iran

10.   Association between Neck Pain and shoulder Impingement Syndrome. 9th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2008, Tehran, Iran

11.   Effects of Harmonic Oscillation in Muscle Stretching. 8th Iranian Congress of Paediatric Neurology. 2008, Mashad, Iran

12.  Physiotherapy in General Surgical Conditions. Congress of Nursing in Surgery. 2008, Tehran, Iran

13.  Association between Neck Posture, Occlusion and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.  8th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2007, Tehran, Iran

14.   An Effective Way for Traction of Cervical Spine in Patients with Radiculopathy. 8th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2007, Tehran, Iran

15.  Association between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Cervical Spine Disorders. 7th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2006, Tehran, Iran

16.  Effects of Stretching by Harmonic and PNF Techniques on Hamstring Muscle Flexibility. Biennial Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders Seminar. 2006, Tehran, Iran

17.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). 17th congress of Physiotherapy. 2006, Tehran, Iran

18.  Measurement of Hamstring Muscle Stiffness. 6th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2005, Tehran, Iran

19.  Mulligan’s Method in Manual Therapy. 4th Spine Specific Physiotherapy Seminar. 2003, Tehran, Iran

20.  Physiotherapy in Hand Tendons Injuries. 3rd Student physiotherapy Congress. 2003, Tehran, Iran

21.  Determinants in Hand Tendons Injuries physiotherapy. Seminars of Saba Rehabilitation Centre. 2001, Tehran, Iran

22.  Team Works in Rehabilitation of Mental Retarded Children. Congress of Paediatrics. 1997, Tehran, Iran

23.  Cross Transfer Effects of Exercises. 7th Iranian Physiotherapy Congress. 1994, Tehran, Iran 


 Updated: Oct. 2015


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