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Curriculum Vitae


Hosseini MohammadAli


Marital Status: Married

Date of Birth: 20.Feb.1966                      

Home Address: 35 No. 178 Ave, Tehranpars area, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821) 77712450


Work Address: Nursing Department, University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Koodakyar Ave, Daneshjoo Blv, Evin, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821) 22180158                      ZC: 1985713834

Fax: (+9821) 22180148                     Site:       

Educational Background

2012  At present   POSTDOC fellowship staff, Faculty of Nursing, UTS, Sydney, Australia

2004_2009            PhD in Higher Education Administration, Islamic Azad University, Iran   

1999_ 2001           Masters Science of Medical Education, Shahid Beheshty Medical University, Iran

1990 _ 1993          Masters Science of Nursing Management, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

1985 _ 1990          Bachelor of Science in Nursing,Kerman Medical University, Iran

Work Experiences & Responsibilities:

1991_ Present               Assistant Professor, University of Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR), Tehran, Iran.

I was involved in teaching of  26 units at PhD level ( Educational Management, Qualitative Research, Teaching Method and Educational Evaluation) , 180 units in Master level (Leadership and Management, Research Methods, Research Seminar) & 52 units in Bachelor level ( Health Assessment, Medical Surgical nursing)

2013 – present             Official Scientific Olympiad of Iranian Medical Students

1999 _ Present            Member of 12 Research and Education committees

Member board of Medical Education Association, Tehran, Iran

Member board of Association of Medical Sciences Education, Tehran, Iran

¾      2009_  Present      Head of Rehabilitation Management Group (USWRS) , Tehran , Iran

¾      2004_  2014          Director of Educational Development Center (USWRS) , Tehran , Iran

¾      1999 _ 2004          Director of Molavi Rehabilitation Center, Tehran , Iran

¾      1996 _ 1999          Director of Student Research Committee, Tehran , Iran

¾      1995 _ 1996          Nursing Supervisor, Yaser Hospital

¾      Most than 9 years background as a tutor and nurse practitioner currently with the other responsibilities.

Researches and Publications:

¾   Translation & Publication of the following books into Persian language.

o    Knowledge Transfer at Iran Medical Universities

o    Positive Thinking

o    Prevention of Obesity

o    How to Present a Scientific Article

o    Nursing Management

o    Business Management


Conference Presentations:

¾      More than 60 Articles in scientific Journals (National) such as:

¾      Mohammadali Hosseini, Alireza Salehi, Masoud Fallahi Khoshknab, Asghar Rokofian and Patricia Mary Davidson. The Effect of a Preoperative Spiritual/Religious Intervention on Anxiety in Shia Muslim Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Holist Nurs.  Published online 14 May 2013


¾      Mohammadali Hosseini1, Patricia Mary Davidson, Masoud Fallahi Khoshknab, Anna Green. Spiritual and religious interventions in health care: An integrative review. Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, Vol. 11, No. 17, April 2013


¾      Hamidreza  Khankeh,  Maryam  Nakhaei,  Gholamreza  Masoumi,  Mohammadali  Hosseini,  Zohreh  Parsa-Yekta,  Lisa  Kurland,  Maaret  Castren.  Life  Recovery  After  Disasters:  A  Qualitative  Study  in  the  Iranian  Context. Prehosp Disaster Med.  2013;28(6):573-579


¾      Maryam Khaniyan, Mahshid Foroughan, MohammadAli Hosseini, Akbar Biglarian. Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress among    Rehabilitation Staffs working in Tehran’s Training Hospitals. Iranian Rehabilitation Journal, Vol. 11, No. 17, April 2013


¾      Parand  Pourghane,  MohammadAli  Hosseini,  Farahnaz  Mohammadi,  Fazlollah  Ahmadi,  Rasoul  Tabari.  Patients  Perception  of  Cardiac  Rehabilitation  after  Coronary  Artery  Bypass  Graft  (CABG):  A  Qualitative  Study.  J  Mazand  Univ  Med  Sci  2013;  23(106):  61-76  (Persian).


¾      Tayebe Majidi, Parivash Jafari, Mohammad Ali Hosseini. The effect of stress management technique training on the ports and shipping organization employees’ happiness. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 47 ( 2012 ) 2162 – 2168


¾      Hosseini MA. Pourghane P. The Role of Nurses in Cardiac Rehabilitation. MEJDS, Vol 1, No. 2, Authom 2012, 1-14

¾      Azimzadeh E, Hosseini M, Nourozi Tabrizi K. [Effect of Tai Chi Chuan on Quality of Life in Women with Multiple Sclerosis]. Hayat, Journal of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. 2013; 19(2): 1-13. (Persian)


¾      Hosseini MA1,Azimzadeh. Correlation between self-efficacy and nurses’ conflict management strategies. Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2013, Vol 2 No (4) (Persian)


¾      Shakeri Kh, Fallahi Khoshknab M, Khankeh H, Hosseini MA, Hosseinzadeh S, Haghi Monie N. Evaluation of clinical skills of medical emergency personnel in Tehran Emergency Center confronting the trauma. Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2012, Vol 1 No (4) (Persian)


¾      Barghi S, Foroughan M, Hosseini MA, Farzi M. Comparing job stress and related factors between welfare organization’s employees with and without physical disability in Tehran. Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2013, Vol 2 No (3) (Persian)


¾      Faraji A, Khankeh HR, Hosseini MA, Abdi K, Rezasoltani P. Effect of simulated training course on preparedness of nurses to do prehospital triage. Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2013, Vol 2 No (4) (Persian)


¾      Ahmadi LivaniA, Hosseini MA, Valipour Khatir M. Gap analysis between expectations and perceptions on Total Quality Management in private Gorgan’s rehabilitation centers by using Fuzzy logic. . Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2013, Vol 2 No (1) (Persian)


¾      Khankeh HR, AliniaSh, MasoumiGhR, Khorasani Zavareh D, Ranjbar M, DaddostL, Hossaini MA, Fallahi Khoshknab M, Castren M. Abstract Prehospital services by focus on road traffic accidents: Assessment developed and developing countries Journal of Health Promotion Management; 2013, Vol 2 No (1) (Persian)


¾      The Role of Social Capital on Facility of Clinical Training in Nursing. Strides in Development of Medical Education. 2103, Vol 10 No (1) (Persian)


¾      N. Abdollahpour, F. Helali, M. Hoseini, F. Tabatabaei Ghomshe, M. Hamzeiyan Ziarani. Survey and analysis of Improving Working Condition System (health, safety and ergonomics) with Macroergonomics Approach in a manufacturing company from Iran Power Plant Industry in 2010. Iran Occupational Health, Vol. 10, No. 4, Aug-Sep 2013


¾      Akhoondlotfali, P. Hosseini, M.A. Khankeh, HR. Fallahi, M. Hosein, zade, S. The effect of Emotional Intelligence education on job conflict in nurses. Journal of Health Promotion Management. Vol,1, No.1 PP:7-16


¾      Jafari M, Makarem A, Dalvandi A, Azimian M, Hosseini. Determination of facilitators and barriers in post stroke life, in Kerman city. Modern Rehabilitation Quarterly. Vol,1, No.1 PP:7-16  


¾      Kavari, Seyed Habiballah. Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2012). Needs assessment of entrepreneurship educational course and students and graduates employment in universities of medical sciences in the south of Iran. Journal of Jahrom University of Medical Science. Vol,9, Special issue: PP:54-60

¾      Hassan pour, Majid. Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. Fallahi, Khoshknab, Masoud.Abbaszade, Abbas. (2012).The effect of Ethical principle training on nursing sensitivity in decision making in Tameen Ejtemaee Kermann Hospitals, Iran. Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine. Vol,4, No:5, PP:58-64

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¾      Khanjani, Saeed. Hatami Zadeh, Nikta, Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. Rahgozar, Mahdi. Arjomand, Manochehr (2009). The effect of Caregivers’ training about “How we better care of Cerebral Paralysis Handicaps” on their quality of work life. Rehabilitation Journal. Vol,10, No:3 , PP:38-42

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¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2010). Time management, we can start at present. Excellent organization. Year: Second No:3, PP:22-26

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2011). Time management, Deal with time procrastinates. Excellent organization. Year: Second, No:4, PP:40-43

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali, Khoshnazar, Taheresadat. (2010). Knowledge management in nowadays organizations. Excellent organization. Second Year, No:3, PP:46-48

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2013). Responsibility. Excellent organization. Year: First, No:8, PP:46-51

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2013). Be careful of your look. Excellent organization. Year: First, No:5, PP:46-51

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2013). Knowledge transfer by Storytelling. Excellent organization. Third Year, No:6, PP:54-57

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2012). Time Management1. Excellent organization. Third Year, No:3, PP:40-43

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2012). Time Management2. Excellent organization. Third Year, No:4, PP:28-32

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2011).Take care of your looking. Excellent organization. Third Year, No:5, PP:63-67

¾      Hosseini, Mohammad Ali. (2009). Benchmarking, we can start at present. Excellent organization. Year: First, No:1, PP:46-51

¾   90 Abstracts in National Congress and 7 international

o    Internatinal Abstracts:

o    Heart Lung  and  Circulation. The  Effect  of  Spiritual  Training on Anxiety   of  CABG  Can- didates  in Iran 2012, Brisbane, Australia

o    26th Annual BACCN Conference. Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom) 2011

o    EDULEARN11. 3rd International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. Barcelonan (Spain) 4-6 July 2011   (Main lectuer)

o    Oral Presentation, Australasian cardiovascular nursing college 18-19. Mar. 2011

o    Oral Presentation, JBI 2010 Oral Presentation 7th Biennial International Colloquium Sept 13, 2010 Chicago.USA

o    Oral Presentation, The 7th International Nursing Conference (INC 2009) Seoul, Korea

o    ……..

 Workshop Presentations:

¾   Presentation of 180 National Workshops in the field of Management, Research, Education and Nursing.

¾   Supervision of postgraduate students:

¾   Principle supervisor of more than 15 PhD Students in the following areas:

¾   Principle supervisor of 48 Master of Nursing Students  

¾   Consultant for 43 Master of Nursing projects

Other responsibilities

¾   The Scientific Manager of the below conferences:

-       Nursing Ethics ( 2010) National Conference in Iran

-       Family and Welfare ( 1996)  National Conference in Iran

-       __ Executive Manager of National Health University Congress. (2012) National Conference in Iran

-       _ Executive Manager of Health Promotion Management Journal (Iranian Scientific Journal)

-       _ Reviewer of 3 Internationals and 5 Iranian Journals ( Elsevier, Midel Est Journalof Education Research Journal ) and  (Hayat, Journal of Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iranian Aging Journal, Rehabilitation Journal, Iranian Journal of Nursing Research, Health Promotion Management )



_ Exemplary Professor of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences University at 2012 Year.