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In all societies older people known as vulnerable groups. Because along with ageing process, age-related changes will happened in various aspects such as declines in physical and mental function, sexual activity mechanisms, changes in joints and bones, as well as growing the health problems of diabetes, all types of cancers, chronic and mental illnesses, heart disease, frailty, Presbyopia, and visual impairments, musculoskeletal problems, gait imbalances, osteoporosis, and poly-pharmacy.

Regarding the world population ageing report, the global population aged 60 years or over numbered 962 million in 2017. The number of older persons is projected to reach nearly 2.1 billion by 2050. Now in the world, around 13 percent of the worldwide population is aged 60 or over.

In Iran, according to the 2016 census, the number of people aged 60 and older is around 7 million which represents 9.3% of the Iranian population.

Although the aging population of societies is the result of an increase in life expectancy and longevity. So it reflects the success of countries in the health and economic sectors, it also makes challenges in policymaking.

In this regard, the Iranian research center on ageing (IRCA) sponsored by the University Social Welfare and rehabilitation sciences is one of the main centers in Iran which Production and dissemination high-quality researches on the verity subjects of ageing including biological, physical, mental and social to promote the community-dwelling older adults’ quality of life and health. IRCA involved with collaborative research with national and international centers and institutes.

 The mission of IRCA is Training future gerontologists and health providers to be a leader in universities and government agencies. Collaboration with national and international research centers and policymaking institutes to promoting older adult’s well-being.

IRCA, The first and only Aging Research Center approved by the Ministry of Health, Medical and Education, was established in February 2001 and received its definitive agreement in July 2008.

The most important activities of IRCA are Support of conducting research in the multidimensional field of ageing such as physical, mental and social aspects, launching the longitudinal cohort study of 50s years and over, Helping Establish the Iranian Association of gerontology and Geriatrics, conducting Ph.D. by research courses. IRCA has the Iranian journal of ageing which was index in the Web of Science and Scopus databases.   


·         Production and dissemination knowledge on the verity subjects of ageing including biological, physical, social and spiritual.

·         Training Ph.D. by research student, Postdoctoral researchers in ageing studies and conducting educational short courses.

·         Developing national and international Collaboration.

·         Collaboration with national policy-making institute and community to promoting older adult’s well-being and health.



The mission of IRCA for the next five years is to be the core and reference center of ageing studies, reports and data in Iran along with international standards and national development planning. The main aim of IRCA is the development of interdisciplinary studies of ageing including biological, physical, social and spiritual. In fact, the aim of IRC is developing the quality and quantity of evidenced-based ageing research as well as knowledge translating the results to the policymakers to improve the well-being, quality of life and social welfare of Iranian older adults.