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Chancellor of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR)

Professor Hamid Reza KhankehChancellor of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR), is a Ph.D in Emergency & Disaster Health Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences-Iran and a faculty member of Department of Health in Disasters & Emergencies (USWR), and Department of Clinical Science and Education Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

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 Message from the Chancellor 

As the chancellor of the Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences University, I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratuities for considering furthering your studies at this University, a widely known and esteemed institution in the fields of rehabilitation, welfare and social sciences in Iran and the region. It is indeed a great credit and honor if you consider that our University can help you shape your intended and future profession. Considering our proud history of success, we will certainly not disappoint you in this regard. We pride ourselves that we have produced legends in the relative fields that will appeal for your attention.

This new age defines the new institution, with a new vision and mission. Therefore, with a full range of academic relative programs, i.e undergraduate and postgraduate (including master and PhD programs), we shall be attempting to find the best opportunities and solutions for your intended expectations and prospects.Like all other higher education institutions and universities in Iran, your admission to study with us will be based on the Universitys admission criteria. We are eager to attract talented and devoted students and recognize that tertiary education is, for many, unaffordable. However, we try to provide financial assistance through different ways and the like to make it possible for you to succeed in our University.

At the end I hope our University matches the tuning of your desires, standards and needs in relation to educational necessities in all our fields and disciplines. I gladly welcome and invite our young men and women having enthusiasm and potential to become talented and intellectuals rather the most successful people in the world to come forward and join us to become precious members of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences family.

With my best wishes and regards,

Prof. Hamid Reza Khankeh, PhD