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Rofeideh Rehabilitation Hospital:

Rofeideh rehabilitation hospital is well equipped to perform many types of medical and rehabilitation services. Rofeideh hospital is located in the gheytarieh suburb of Tehran and was established in 2004. Here we provide the best quality rehabilitation services and general care for different sort of patients including:


Physical medicine


Occupational therapy

Speech therapy

Technical orthopedics



Social work

Heart department







Our health practitioners and doctors here in Rofeideh rehabilitation hospital focus on providing the highest quality services via using the most advanced technology to its patients and also keeping an up to date research and training with cooperation of USWR.



Rofeideh rehabilitation hospital was the first rehabilitation hospital in Iran and it contains modern technology.  Established in 2004 this center works in cooperation with university of social welfare and rehabilitation sciences and several of therapists such as specialist doctors, psychiatrist, physical medicine doctors, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech therapist and so on are offering medical and rehabilitation services.



Rofeideh rehabilitation clinic offers a range of rehabilitation services for a variety of clinics. We are able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan or work in with different kinds of specialists. 

Considering the vast growth of medical treatments and the need to evolve in this field, we are committed to a process of improvement and advancement. We use the latest medical technology and skills while conducting effective research to discover better therapies. To reach this aim Rofeideh hospital works in collaboration with USWR to conduct research into its best practice.

Rofeideh rehabilitation hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialist rehabilitation service to patients from all over the country, our patients are usually people who are with us as a result of an accident, illness, physical or cognitive disability and generally whoever that requires rehabilitation care. Our different sections are:    

Hospitalized patients with spinal cord injury and stroke rehabilitation

Internal and geriatric ward

Brain injury ward

Prosthetic and orthotic