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University incubator:

According to research, technology is a very effective factor in the upward trend of the world and it is the base of Entrepreneurship Development, national development. In order to support small and medium enterprises in the development of entrepreneurship most countries took action to establish incubator centers. These centers usually begin their work in a technology park or a university to make entrepreneur convert itself to a commercial business with the support of the center, research findings, new ideas and scientific findings. University base incubators are multipurpose services that offer support to develop new businesses by entrepreneurs in various fields of technology leading to economic progresses. 

The aims of these centers are:

Promoting technology-based entrepreneurship

Brand building and promotion of indigenous technology

Support technology entrepreneurs

Attract and support professionals and inventors and investors

Public-private partnerships with large organizations

General and specialized training in the field of management and technology development

Support and alignment with national plans



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