The Secretariat of "National Covid-19 Social Observatory" Is Formed in University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences
Prof. Hamid Reza Khankeh, Chancellor of the University, referred to the announcement of the high official of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MHMD) and the transfer of responsibility of Covid-19 Social Observatory to the university stated that the faculty members and graduate students of all departments and research centers in the fields of welfare and social health of the university will participate in the activities of the Secretariat of the Observatory and its missions, and the four mission axes mentioned in the notification of the MHMD.
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Dr Rouhani in a message on the occasion of Nowruz: The winter of hardship is coming to an end with the end of the winter of nature/ In 1399, coronavirus doubled the difficulty of sanctions and economic war for Iranians/ The experience of 4 years proved that the wrong path can be corrected by tact and interaction
The President said that this year's Nowruz is in the middle of two great days, the birthdays of Imam Hussein (AS) and Imam Mehdi (AS), and wished a happy new year to all the people of Iran, saying, "The end of the winter of nature, and the beginning of the time of light and warmth and the blossoming and greenness of nature has coincided with the end of a hard period and difficult times of the history of the Iranian nation".
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Supreme Leader hails Iranians' strength in message on New Year
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei described the year 1399 as the year of defeating US maximum pressure against Iran. Tehran, Iran. March 20, 2021. IRNA.
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The University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR) Announced Readiness to Establish a Surveillance Center for Social Impacts of the Covid-19
Dr. Khankeh, Chancellor of the USWR in a meeting with Dr. HamidReza Jamshidi, Secretary of the National Headquarter for fight against the Covid-19 at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MHME) announced the university's readiness to establish an observatory to study the Covid-19 social effects.
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Based on the Results of a Study with a New Invention by Physiotherapists: Wearing High Heels Can Cause Increased Curvature in the Lower Back and Lead to injuries/vulnerabilities
Seyedeh Elahe Moadi, Master degree in Physiotherapy, with the participation of Dr. Noureddin Karimi, a faculty member of the Physiotherapy Department at University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, designed and built a ?Adjustable Heel Raiser System (AHRS)" to study the effect of heel height on body curvature. They found that the use of high-heeled shoes create accentuated arch in the waist and increased curvature in the area of the thighs and knees and cause the head to be forward with the neck arched/curved. This invention is related to [R1] a specific field of physiotherapy study on the effects of increasing or decreasing heel height on posture, the position of each joint, and balance of individuals by the examiner.
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