Department of Clinical Psychology in the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences was established at 1992 with the aim of training specialized and expert human resources in the field. Soon afterwards it successfully obtained the certificate for PhD training in Clinical Psychology in collaboration with Tehran Institute of Psychiatry, a faculty of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

This faculty, presenting the 14th course of PhD and 17th course of postgraduate program at the moment, has been actively involved in training and supervising students while maintained its focus on different levels of clinical services from prevention to treatment. Faculty members of Department of Clinical Psychology assist other departments to offer psychology courses. They also work with clinical centers of Akhavan, Sina, Asma, Rofeideh rehabilitation hospital, Razi Psychiatric hospital and Consulting Center of University to provide their clients with best clinical services, while they try to enhance the knowledge and clinical skills of students who work at these centers.

Although faculty members have a wide range of theoretical interest and experience (cognitive behavioral, psychoanalytic, psychological and neurological rehabilitation, and psychometry among others) this faculty works with other well known scholars of the field to promote the level of applied and theoretical understanding of students.


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