Department of Clinical Science

Clinical Science Group here at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation sciences is composed of different medical specialties ehosen  by Ministry of Health and Medical Education to fulfill services such as providing education, research and clinical rehabilitation which is considered the third level of clinical services for needy people in Iran .

University established in 1992-93,with 19positions of Medical specialties and 3posion at master degrees.Medical  specialties are internal medicine (elderly heath)Neurologist ,physical medical pediatrics , Orthopedic surgeon and Speech Reconstructive Surgeon .

Up to date , following efforts been rendered in to the university’s developments in education ,research and clinical services .

1-Establishing and accepting executive responsibilities for different  teaching ,educational ,service rending and research centers in affiliation with the university.

Some centers may be named are Sina ,Rofideh and Akhavan.

2-Designing and implementing lesson course plans for students at different levels Bachelor Master and phd related to rehabilitation.

3-Active participations in student  thesis affairs , university researches which is based on Ministry of Health and Medical Educations policy plans .

4-Mentoring most clinical workshops which are held within or outside the university.

5-Participating in domestic, national and international seminars congresses and summits.

6-Establishing   department of pediatric neurology.

7-Establishing and promoting original journal publication such as” journal of Rehabilitation Sciences “ and “ Elderlys, journal”

8-Editing ,authoring and translating several texts related to the educational and rehabilitational goals .

9-Executive directing in University and beyond university,s departments sectors.

10-Cooperation tightly with many related governmental and non-governmental stakeholders.

11-Participation in scholarships ,fellowships and sub ethical courses in national and /or international settlings.

12-Directing services provided in clinical and paraclinical as a team works aiming holistically toward Evidenced Based Rehabilitation in order to train related for the university and other centers with upcoming developments.


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