MESSAGE FROM THE CHANCELLOR On International Day of Person with Disabilities 3 December 2020

3 December 2020 is an International Day of Person with Disabilities (IDPD). The aim of naming this day is to promote public awareness about Disabilities issues, rights and limitations of People with Disabilities (PD) and to draw attention to the benefits of an inclusive and accessible society for all. PD should also be aware of his/her rights and be provided with some kind of conditions to enter the society and be a part of the world community.

According to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), accessibility and inclusion is fundamental rights for persons with disabilities. Few countries have adequate mechanisms in place to respond fully to the needs of PD.

Currently, there are three levels in the healthcare service including health, medical and rehabilitation services. Thus, the societal need for tertiary care and rehabilitation services, mental health and social health can no longer be ignored.

The ultimate goal of the healthcare services is to provide equal opportunities for all and to create the required services for PD. Public transports, rehabilitation services and various services must be provided for PD. At present, the healthcare services after discharge from the hospital are fragmented and are not integrated. As a result, PD need to be integrated, and this will not happen until stewardship is made in the healthcare services. Chancellor of the university of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR) announces the readiness of the USWR to solve the problems of the disabled community of the country, to produce scientific evidences, standards, protocols and guidelines necessary to provide services to this limited and highly regarded group. We hope that by equal access and proper distribution of services and facilities, the conditions for more presence of the disabled in our society will be provided.

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