Chancellor Message on the Anniversary of the Bam Earthquake and Commemoration of the Victims

The Chancellor of the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Head of the Health in Disaster and Emergencies Research Center on the anniversary of the historical Bam earthquake honored and commemorated the victims of this unexpected accident.

 The 2003 Bam earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 at 5:26 AM struck the city of Bam and its surrounding areas in the east of Kerman province for 12 seconds. This earthquake was  one of the first massive and destructive unexpected events in the recent history of Iran.

The death toll of about 50,000 people from this earthquake and the destruction of all the infrastructure of the historical city of Bam was a hard and heartbreaking experience, albeit a very instructive incident. It highlighted the need for strong crisis management especially in times of emergencies.

Due to the fact that some parts of Iran sits on the seismic earthquake belt, in recent years, the earthquakes have caused much damages and casualties in the western and southern regions of the country. On the other hand, we are also witnessing floods in other various regions with the onset of heavy rainfall every year which adds on to the destruction, devastation and homelessness of many of our compatriots. There is no hiding the fact that in addition to the urgent need for strong crisis management, advanced facilities and equipment, and well-trained relief forces, prevention and strengthening of the shelters of compatriots in cities and villages is one major principle/strategy in reducing casualties and financial losses, as well as psycho-social and economic complications of the society.

With commemeration of the victims of this unfortunate event/accident, we hope that consensus and cooperation between departments will assist all of us in a unified management on reducing casualties and financial costs, and minimize the psychological and social damages of these events  in order to achieve the well-being of our compatriots.

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