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Welcome to the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences


-Creating appropriate atmosphere in order to development and empower students who will be able and responsible towards the society and coordination of the real needs.

-Promotion of high quality training for students in areas such as:Increased population, immigration, etiological research in social inconsistencies planning and interventions or preventive measures.

-Responding to requirements of demanders in social knowledge ad Rehabilitation. In particular the governmental and non-governmental foundations, policy-decision makers. Establishing solutions for present scientific and informative failures in human sciences, in relation to social welfare. 

-Paying attention to establishment of norms, Standards and indicators.Compilling the evaluation and monitoring system in relative affairs .


-Training of adequate ad appropriate necessary personnel to provide special and advisory services. Policy making in Rehabilitation and Social Welfare of the country with respect to promoting positive attitudes together with knowledge and skills.


 Development of Postgraduate courses

Creating new interdisciplinary Courses ad "Demand-based" student admission

 Holding Fundamental and Applied Research Projects according to NEEDS of Glovernmental and Nongovernmental Sector

 Scientific-Educational Promotion of staff of Rehabilitation and Welfare sectors

 Flexibility in plan and Execution of Education/research programs




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